Rob Behan FCA


[email protected]

I always knew that I wanted to be an accountant, so I decided to pursue a different path at uni and studied Earth Science. Geology was my hobby but I knew that accountancy would be my bread and butter, so I started my accountancy exams when I finished my degree, qualified first time round, saw some of the world and then settled at PKF bba in 1995. I was made a Partner two years later.  

I have always had responsibility for PKF bba’s own accounts and bought QuickBooks desktop to the firm with me in 1995. We’ve been meticulously organised ever since!

At the same time, I inherited a huge portfolio of most of the Island’s doctor and dental surgeries, so that would be my specialism, although really at PKF bba we tend not to cling to any one type of client. Years ago, PKF bba needed a tax expert to keep up with the ever-changing local tax legislation. I was nominated as this person and have since been the go-to Partner for all tax related queries.

I’ve been doing this for a very long time and really enjoy being part of the process that makes our clients cost effective and profitable. Accountancy is not rocket science (ask David about that) and people value honesty and a jargon-free approach.

When you’re known and trusted, as we are at PKF bba, you can really get under the skin of the business you’re supporting and suggest strategies that will ultimately result in effective internal procedures, more favourable margins, and ultimately more profits. That makes you popular, and I like that too!


I love badminton, sailing, biking and swimming. I love travelling and more recently have begun to enjoy asking two of my three daughters, who are now of driving age, for lifts. After years of willingly providing that service to them, I believe it to be fair!

One interesting fact you may not know about me is that I once slept on an erupting volcano; this was on the Island of Stromboli some years ago when my wife and I were much younger. It was breath-taking to watch, completely terrifying and I often feel grateful, even to this day, that my wife didn’t consider such a perilous pursuit a deal-breaker!