Clive Le Marquand FCA


[email protected]

I went to the same University as Rob, Oxford Brookes, although we didn’t know each other; he studied volcanos and I took the more traditional route into the job with my Economics and Accountancy degree!

I came back to Jersey and qualified in 1991 before backpacking my way around the world for 18 months. I came home, worked at a local accountancy and trust company for a few years and then joined PKF bba in 1998.

I specialise in compliance and anti-money laundering issues, acting as Compliance Officer to both PKF bba and our in-house regulated trust company business, La Ville. I oversee the Statutory Department and am on the New Business and Compliance Committee.

I have a portfolio of clients too, and still enjoy the numbers side of my job, although I’m not an old bean counter! I am motivated by learning about relevant new technologies in our industry.

In this respect, PKF bba are a touch paradoxical; we’re old fashioned in the sense that we treat our clients with care and attention and are much more likely to set up a meeting than fire off an email, but we like to keep up with any new technology that will service our clients better and make us all more efficient.

I am currently assisting with the World Bank National Risk Assessment for Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing in respect of Jersey. This has, to date, involved various workshops to identify our Island’s vulnerabilities and how we can address them. This is a precursor to the Island’s preparation for the MoneyVal visit, expected in 2021/2022.

In 1994, I was involved with the first application of a company to seek sanction of the Royal Court of Jersey to a compromise with its creditors. The business continues today!


Skiing is my main passion which I guess is why my oldest daughter is a trained ski instructor, having worked in Japan and Switzerland. I have three more children who are also incredibly active and sporty, meaning I’ve often not got time for my own pursuits! My middle daughter is a former national squad Optimist sailor, and now sails 29ers. Together, we’ve regatta’d in places such as Turkey, Italy, Spain, Ireland and Holland.

I have a RIB that’s given me a chance to visit Les Ecrehous and Chausey which I love for their tranquillity and stunning location. I also enjoy paddle boarding when the water is warm.

One interesting fact about me is that whilst some people talk about wanting to hide away in Outer Mongolia, I’ve stayed there in a yurt! I spent three months in China when I was travelling, and this was one of the many stops travelling home on the Trans-Siberian Express.